We direct our offer to individual clients, wholesalers, furniture manufacturers, carpentry workshops, shops and to those who are interested in our goods and services. We offer:

  • Plain and irregular chamfering of mirrors and glass with the thickness up to 19 mm
  • Plain chamfering of glass and mirrors, chamfer up to 45 mm
  • Irregular chamfering of glass and mirrors, chamfer up to 30 mm
  • Sanding of glass (patterns, letters, full surfaces)
  • Drilling
  • Pictures and mirrors framing
  • UV bonding
  • Other types of glass work


Welcome to cooperation. We guarantee high quality, competitive prices and short-term implementation. We have our own car fleet, we offer professional advisory services and assembly.


Department Szklarski A.B Stysińcy

The SZKŁO-LUX company was established in 1962. We specialize in flat glass processing, pictures framing and manufacturing of bathroom and living-room mirrors, backlit, framed and other kinds of mirrors. Our products are available in standard dimensions or created on request of the customer.


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  +48 76 844 25 60
  UL.M. Reja 6, 59-300 Lubin, Dolnośląskie